Medical Lectures in North America – Bruno Groening Circle of Friends

Information Lectures by Medical Doctors in North America

Healing on the Spiritual Path through the Teaching of Bruno Groening

– Medically Verifiable –

A simple and natural way to health


Bruno Groening

Bruno Groening
1906 – 1959

As part of an international series of lectures the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends will be explaining about a special path to health and happiness. Anyone interested in this subject, including physicians, psychologists, alternative practitioners and other healthcare professionals are cordially invited.


  • Various medical experts will speak about their experiences and present medically verified healings in a way which is understandable to the general public.
  • People who have been healed will share their healings and more.
  • During the lectures, listeners can experience the healing power for themselves in a simple and natural way.

Admission is FREE, donations are appreciated